Ecommerce For Automotive

Parts Connect helps automotive merchants grow their online business by providing essential industry-specific tools and solutions for managing product fitment on websites and marketplaces. We offer an efficient, plug-and-play vehicle look up tool that allows customers to find the exact parts they need with a known year, make, and model, or engine. This lookup tool works seamlessly on BigCommerce websites and integrates with our self-service, web-based application for managing and updating fitment data, PC Fitment. Whether it’s a plug-and-play vehicle look up tool or robust industry data like ACES and PIES, we have solutions for all.


BigCommerce Integration

Parts Connect provides solutions for both Essentials and Enterprise customers for handling vehicle fitment data on their BigCommerce websites. 



  • Data management

  • Performance and Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Growth & scalability


  • Data management system for instant updates and edits.

  • Secure API integration with BigCommerce

  • Data validation to ensure accuracy


Customers using Parts Connect products and solutions report spending less time processing returns and maintaining data.  With the time savings, customers find themselves better able to focus on marketing and growing their business.


Conversion improvement 1 week after BigCommerce site launched


Time reduced on data management


Increased speed in publishing new data on ecommerce website


Reduction in return rate from 8% to 1.5%

API Integration

Parts Connect develops and creates solutions for ecommerce websites with large catalog data. Parts Connect also has created custom solutions that automatically generate BigCommerce products and categories by pulling in data from externally-hosted databases. The custom database and automation is tailored to fit each client’s unique specifications, allowing them to avoid typing repetitive content into text boxes in a CMS. With the externally-hosted database as the source of truth, our clients can manage their catalogs in a single place and then have the changes propagate out to their BigCommerce store, or to a custom fulfillment app (also developed by Parts Connect), or to any other service they want (e.g. Google, Amazon, or eBay).