PC Fitment

PC Fitment is designed for auto parts sellers like you. We know having accurate and up-to-date fitment data can impact your sales directly. Our easy to use interface lets you add vehicles to your parts quickly. Once your fitment data is in our system, you can update, edit or delete it instantly. PC Fitment will also submit your fitment data to Amazon, so your customers can find your auto parts through the Amazon Part Finder.

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Features & Benefits

Easy To Use


It’s easy to create fitment data using PC Fitment. All you need is your part numbers and part types. Use our search tool to find applicable vehicles and add them to your parts. Done! Once you’ve saved your fitment, it will be in our system so you can make edits or updates anytime you want. Our system stores all your edits and we only submit your latest data to Amazon.

Data Management


We know it’s important to have the most up-to-date data. Remember, accurate data drives more sales and reduces returns. Once a month Amazon will update their vehicle tables and these updates might impact your fitments. Don’t worry, PC Fitment tracks these updates so you can make edits before any potential errors occur. We will submit the corrections to Amazon.

Helpful Resources


We understand creating fitment data can be time consuming and challenging. That’s why we have a help desk with articles to answer all your questions. Still can’t find your answer? No problem! Send us a message through the help desk or live chat and one of our agents will assist you. We want to make sure your fitment data shows up accurately on the Amazon Parts Finder and correctly links to your seller account.

Auto Care Association


The auto care industry is growing rapidly. Consumers are buying more auto parts online now than ever before. As a member of the Auto Care Association we are committed to help auto parts sellers like you grow your business. Fitment data is part of the Auto Care Data Standard, and as such we are constantly adding new functions and features to PC Fitment to accommodate any industry changes.

Customer Reviews

I cannot say enough about PC Fitment. It will pay for itself in a few months with the reduction in customer returns. It gives our customers all the information they need to make an accurate purchase.
— JL Concept (Stehlen)
With PC Fitment we are able to generate fitment data and submit it to Amazon very quickly. It is easy to use with a simple interface. Once we save the fitments we can edit them at a later date.
— Approved Performance