How do I fix my fitment data (ACES) on Amazon?

Remember when you first set up your Amazon store to sell auto parts?

It was a lot of work to put all that information to your seller central account. Just as you finished laboriously adding all your products to Amazon, you realized you also needed to submit fitment data. So, you spent more time working through your Excel files until you were finally done.

As your business grew, you added more SKUs to your store. Then, one day, you noticed an unusually large number of customers returning your products and calling you because the auto parts they ordered didn’t fit their cars. You tried to figure out the cause of the issue and realized that something was not right with your Amazon fitment data. The Amazon part finder was not showing your customers the options they needed to narrow down their vehicle selections.

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

By this time, your number of SKUs had already increased 3 times or more, making it almost impossible to keep track of all the SKUs and fitments. These days, you’re up late every night worrying that your customers will continue to purchase the wrong auto parts for their vehicles and there’s very little you can do about it.

Until now.

PC Fitment can help you can fix your fitment data on Amazon. Here’s how!

Step one: Put together your complete catalog. It’s time to go through all those Excel files on your computer and organize them. The good news is, you still have all the data.

Step two: Once you have gathered all your data, you have 2 options. Option one is to put your data into our ACES template. Option two is send us what you have and we will format the data for you.

Step three: We clean and scrub your data and run through the latest AutoCare database for  validation to make sure your fitment data is all up to date. Once the validation has finished, we will send you a report with your data errors and give you recommendations on how to fix them.

Step four: Once your fitment data is good to go, we will submit it to Amazon for you. After the submission, we will contact Amazon to let them know to replace the old data. (This could take about a week.) When the new data is live, you will notice your customers no longer buy the wrong parts!

Step five: Keep up the good work! We will load your data into PC Fitment where you can continue to manage and update your fitment data. You will no longer feel overwhelmed or confused, because you are finally in control of your fitment data.


PC Fitment is here to help you through the process and help you save you time and money due to costly returns. Customer success stories are numerous, but one recent PC Fitment user saw his company’s return rate decrease from 5% to 1% after cleaning up their fitment data on Amazon. See what PC Fitment can do for you!